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When you advance your career, you’re inspiring the change that will improve health care delivery

Physician leaders at any career stage can count on the American Association for Physician Leadership® to be a partner in career development. Our new comprehensive Career Services “Gold Standard” program puts you in ideal position to get the job you want and have a plan of action to execute on day one.

This bundle of most-requested services will help you stand out and stand up for your patients, your colleagues and your staff while guiding your team through the fast-changing health care landscape.

What we’ll do


Individual attention and focus

During our initial discussion, we’ll assess your current role and how that fits with your aspirations and goals to tailor the program precisely to you. Along the way, we’ll help you hone your resume to sharpen the focus on what you can accomplish in your next role and tools to craft a cover letter that compels action. We’ll work with you to make recruiters want to linger as they read your LinkedIn profile.

Customized to you and how you work
Through your capabilities profile, you’ll be able to transform your past accomplishments into forward-looking goals for the next steps in your career. A carefully chosen assessment will give you clarity on your strengths and identify where coaching can turn your challenges into assets.


Build skills and create a plan
Personalized coaching in leadership, communication, team building and change management put you in position to stand above the field of applicants. You’ll have the option to be prepped and able to articulate how you can help your future employer problem-solve with strategic thinking and show immediate impact through a 90-day plan that starts the day you begin your next job.

Who should sign up?
Whether you’re asked to take on occasional project leadership or making a fulltime C-suite commitment, all physicians are called upon to be leaders. Any physician can benefit from the Career Services “Gold Standard” program.


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FAQ List

If I’m strictly clinical, how can this service help me?

It’s unusual for anyone, even a physician in successful clinical practice, to remain static throughout his or her career. As physicians are increasingly called upon to serve as leaders, this program and these skills will help you advance your career.

Why is this a bundled program?

Our research has shown that physicians who achieve the greatest career success apply the systematic approach we’re taking though the new Gold Standard program. These services we’ve bundled together give physician leaders optimum momentum in achieving their career goals.

Take me through the program steps. How does it work?

The three-phase program starts with a discussion that assesses where you are now and where you want to be, so we can map the program specifically for you.

First, we’ll work with you on your capabilities profile and assessments to gain maximum insight into how your journey will progress. Meanwhile, we’ll begin the process of helping you tell your story through written communication: your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Second, we’ll focus on the options that are right for you, whether it’s skills coaching in leadership, communication, team building or change management. We’ll look into recruitment strategies and interview preparation, as needed, and help you stand out with a compelling 90-day plan.

Then, we’ll pull together all the skills you need with followup coaching sessions and make final edits to your documents. Here, your resume, letter and online profile will play a vital role, and you’ll be ready to shine.