Award Background

Established in 2011, the Leape Ahead Award recognizes institutions and their leaders dedicated to improving the quality of health care by developing medical students and residents into future health care leaders. The award honors the extraordinary dedication and commitment of Lucian Leape, MD, toward advancing efficient, effective and caring delivery of medicine in the United States. Leape’s emphasis on establishing a respectful and professional training environment for medical students and residents is an important step in the pursuit of “do no harm.”

Leape Ahead Award Winners

Advocate Health Care’s Resident Leadership Development Institute

Advocate Health Care’s Resident Leadership Development Institute is the winner of the Leape Ahead Award, which is named for Lucien Leape, MD, and recognizes organizations devoted to patient safety and overall health care improvement and to developing the skills of the next generation of physician leaders.

Northwestern Medicine Academy for Quality and Safety Improvement (AQSI)

Judges for the 2015 Leape Ahead Award were impressed with the broad reach of the Chicago-based Northwestern Medicine Academy for Quality and Safety Improvement program and its inclusion of residents and fellows. Post-program surveys show continued efforts by participants to enhance quality and safety, which speaks volumes about what they learned and how it can continue to enhance care delivery.

Christiana Healthcare System

Judges on the Leape Ahead selection committee applauded Christiana Care’s multipronged approach to teaching medical students and residents about patient safety. The system’s emphasis on collaboration and team-based care exemplifies the spirit of the award, which honors medical schools and teaching hospitals making extraordinary strides in promoting a culture of leadership, professionalism, communication and teamwork among medical students and residents.

Selection Criteria and Nomination Requirements:

  • Applicants may include any combination of faculty, students, residents or staff at a medical school or teaching hospital
  • One individual from the institution must be an MD or DO, or international equivalent
  • One individual from the institution must be a member of the association
  • The institution’s project exhibits dedication and commitment toward advancing medical students and/or residents into future health care leaders
  • The institution’s project/program demonstrates efficient, effective and caring delivery of medicine
  • Individuals from the institution may not be current board members of the association

All nominations must include the following information to be eligible for consideration:

  • A brief summary that includes sufficient and specific data on the education or training program efforts. The summary should not exceed one page. 
  • An abstract that describes the following elements of the program(s) in no more than two pages: objective, program start and end dates, background, methods, resources, outcomes, conclusions and financial support.
  • At least one testimonial, but no more than three, from senior leadership in the organization that describes the innovative approaches of the project and highlights the successes and benefits from the project for the organization.
  • No more than two pages of outcomes data on your program/project, which can include graphs, charts, references, websites, links to podcasts or videos. 

About Dr. Lucian Leape

Lucian Leape ProfileLucian Leape is a physician and professor at Harvard School of Public Health, who has been very active in trying to improve the medical system to reduce medical errors.

This award supports and reinforces the recommendations in the 2010 Lucian Leape Institute report, Unmet Needs, released by the National Patient Safety Foundation, that medical education institutions should place the highest priority on developing the skills of future health care leaders.