We can help you empower your members to become leaders in the health care industry

Your organization can benefit from our experience through our collaboration initiatives. Partner with us to create a dynamic growth opportunity for your membership.


Co-sponsor leadership conferences or sessions at annual meetings

We’ll bring our leadership training expertise to your membership. Look to us, whether it’s a small conference or a large convention.


Collaborate on customized leadership certificate programs

We’ll work with you on targeted areas of growth for your members and build a credential physician leaders will seek.


Use our expertise in your leadership development program

We’ll join with you to create a branded program that’s focused on building a culture of quality for effective delivery of health care.

Invest in your organization now. Contact Dawn McKnight, for more information about our collaborations with your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

question-iconWhy should we collaborate with the association?

answer-iconOur four decades of experience in training physicians to become health care leaders is an asset to share with your membership. In partnering with us, you can create a membership-specific program that fosters member loyalty and enhances organizational prestige. 

question-iconWhere do you conduct this program?

answer-iconWe come to you. We go where your members are. We’ll collaborate with you in creating your member-specific program.

question-iconHow can I sign us up?

answer-iconContact Dawn McKnight, our Director of Content Development. You can call us toll-free at (800) 562-8088 in the United States, or 1-(813) 287-2000, internationally. We are eager to work with your organization.

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