Transform the way you deliver care in today's changing environment

Our team of industry experts provides consulting solutions to health care organizations seeking a competitive advantage. Sophisticated analytical tools let us uncover underperforming processes and redirect your efforts to deliver quality health care.


Physician engagement and integration

We’ll identify key disconnects and assess your organization’s culture and effectiveness. We’ll help you create a plan to develop the next generation of physician leaders and improve engagement and integration of team members at all levels.


Communication, behavior and performance improvement

Establish open and effective communication not only among physician leaders, but also through the ranks of nurses, clinicians and staff. We define performance and behaviors required for sustainable success and collaborate with you to create high performing teams.


Strategic planning and systems re-engineering

We’ll help you define your mission, allocate resources and plan and execute the change process. You’ll be able to reorganize fragmented business processes into a cohesive system that supports your health care delivery objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question-iconHow does Lx Solutions work?

answer-iconWe coordinate on-site visits to do research about your organization’s culture, workflows and business practices. Then we work with you to align where you are with where you want to be through education, change management, governance revision, strategic planning and systems re-engineering. Our solutions work in conjunction with the association’s Physician Leadership Development Program, but also work independently.

question-iconHow do you measure success?

answer-iconWe provide detailed assessments at a follow-up session showing how our solutions have had an impact on your organization. Your physician leaders will have a handle on key performance indicators and drivers of decisions.  

question-iconHealth care delivery has changed so much in the last decade, it’s hard to imagine a decade from now. Is there a good way to get ready?

answer-iconOne way is to examine your organization’s readiness for change and come up with a change management plan. We can help. Change can be inspiring or it can be overwhelming and difficult. Together, we can assess the positive impact of change on your organization and across health care delivery.

question-iconWe’re looking to improve systems and transparency. Can you help?

answer-iconYes. We’ll help you redesign your governance model to reflect the changes you’re making. The people, processes and systems are put in place. How you gather information and report it from within to the board and management and externally to stakeholders and the public are addressed. You gain improved clarity and coordination and, ultimately, greater delivery of quality care.

question-iconHow can I sign us up?

answer-iconContact Siaoming Wong. We'll work with you to get your transformation started.

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