Updated! A physician-focused IT certificate for today’s health care

Health care needs the physician leadership perspective, and nowhere is it more critical than in harnessing the power of technology. Safety, quality, data, value-based transactions and leadership in IT are vital areas of knowledge. The updated Health IT Certificate program unites these areas into a robust CME-based program all available through self-study.


Physician leaders’ perspective

Harness the power of data to improve patient care and safety, enhance quality and control expenses.


A broad array of vital skills

Communication, project management and leadership skills partner with technical knowledge in this well-rounded certificate program.


Expanded electives, CME-eligible capstone

New courses and a capstone with an interactive forum address real-life situations that physician leaders face in guiding organizations’ IT efforts.

Note: Changes to the certificate program are effective Sept. 1, 2016, for new participants only. Participants who joined the program before Sept. 1 may complete the certificate under the previously published guidelines.

Breakdown and Achievements


Core hours


Elective choices


Leadership project and
capstone forum

Health IT Certificate

Courses in this Program

The curriculum requires 40 hours of self-study, self-paced coursework and the completion of a Health IT Leadership Project. Start planning today.

HIT course selections


Who Should Enroll

A great program for physician leaders using IT to improve outcomes

Physicians and other health care leaders seeking to learn how to improve quality and safety by using information technology in clinical decision-making, information storage and health care administration.
Physician leaders who direct or interact with IT decision-making.
Physicians who lead IT implementation projects.
Physician leaders leading quality and safety initiatives.
If you are interested in the HIT and would like to schedule a 15 minute advising session, we are available to help.


Jon W. Grande, MD

I found the experience of enrolling and completing the HIT certification program to be rewarding. The courses were applicable to what my health institution was experiencing during their journey of EHR implementation. In addition, I really enjoyed the presentation group that I was scheduled with. Being able to watch everyone else’s presentations helped create a sense of camaraderie.

Hugh V. Nguyen, MD, MS, MMM, CPE, FACP

Whether you are with a medical group, hospital or clinical integrated organization, American Association for Physician Leadership® Health IT Leadership Certificate Program gives you the tools to manage, lead and implement health care IT easily and effectively. The courses are designed and taught by the best IT programs in the country. I am very thankful that American Association for Physician Leadership® sponsoring this program. It is an invaluable added credential to obtain.

Lou Applebaum, MD, FCCP

I would highly recommend the HIT Leadership program for any physician in a leadership position requiring knowledge of Health Care IT (and I can’t think of many today that would not). I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of other leadership programs as well and I find American Association for Physician Leadership® to be unique in targeting those things physicians need to know as well as providing tools to actually help us make a difference in our roles as physician leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there specific courses I should take for the certificate?

    Yes. Four required core courses are Project Management, Physician in Management-Leadership, Core Concepts in HIT and Improving Communication and Feedback in Health Care Leadership. Physicians who have taken these courses can apply them to the certificate requirements.

  • What about electives?

    The certificate requires 22 hours of electives. There are new and updated options, so you can be sure you’re not learning outdated skills. You can tailor your elective choices to your organization’s most pressing needs.

  • Are classes available online?

    Yes. All the coursework is available as self-study classes.

  • How has the capstone changed?

    After you finish 40 hours of required coursework, the last step needed to earn your certificate is the capstone forum and leadership project.

    An online education session and discussion forum will give candidates for the certificate not only the chance to analyze and solve real problems, but also earn CME and network with peers.

    Then, via webinar, you submit and present a health care IT project for which you have a leadership role. Presentations must describe how you showed and applied leadership principles in addressing challenges and opportunities. The project must be ongoing or have been executed in the last 24 months.

    Successful candidates will be awarded the HIT Certificate.